Club news

Easily create and manage a news section allowing members to stay up-to-date on club events and news.

Keep your members informed about the latest developments at your club. With this feature, you can create and publish news articles, announcements, and other important information for your members.

Send notifications when news is published

Simple and intuitive

Our news feature is a convenient and efficient way to keep your members informed and engaged. It is not intended to replace your club's current web page, but rather to complement it by providing a quick and easy way to publish and share important news and updates with your members. However, if your club does not have web site, our news feature can be a primary tool for communicating changes in club policy, announcing competitions, and more. Try our software today and see how it can help you keep your members informed and engaged.

Main features

Publish news articles

Easily create, edit, and publish news articles and announcements for your members. Posts are prominently displayed on members front pages for easy access.

Push notification

Option to send push notifications to members when news is published. Keep your members informed and engaged with timely updates.

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With SportyPlus, you can relieve yourself of the tedious tasks of club management and focus on what really matters - growing your club and improving the experience for your members. Try our app today and see how it can help you manage your club more efficiently.