Terms of use

The SportyPlus portal and applications (hereinafter referred to as the Portal) are owned by the company Inspirium d.o.o. (hereinafter Inspirium). Inspirium enables the use of the Portal, and related services and content in accordance with these Terms of Use. Terms of use apply to all content and services on domains and subdomains owned, co-owned or partnered with Inspirium. The terms of use define the rights and obligations of all Portal users.

By using the Portal, it is considered that users are familiar with these Terms of Use at all times, and that they fully understand and accept them. Inspirium reserves the right to change these Terms of Use.

Portal access, user registration

To use the Portal and portal services, it is necessary to register an account, during which the user must truthfully fill out the registration form and choose a password. When registering, the user must agree to these Terms of Use.

The user is obliged to keep the information about the user account and the security password, and is fully responsible for all damage caused by unauthorized use of his user account.

By completing the registration, the user accepts responsibility for all activities caused by the use of the Portal.

Inspirium does not have access to user passwords. For the purpose of identification when providing assistance to users, Inspirium may request that the user send a request from the user's email address that was used during registration.


The portal is primarily used for the use of the services of sport clubs that are registered on the portal. By visiting the pages of a particular club, in addition to these Terms of Use, you also agree to the club's Terms of Use.

Clubs offer a whole range of services on the Portal, such as club registration, pitch rental, participation in club competitions, etc. The Portal provides technical support for the aforementioned services.

The portal will forward the necessary user data to the clubs for identification when consuming the offered services. Clubs are obliged to store and protect this data in an appropriate manner.

User-generated content

The user is expected to enter true data on the Portal. Inspirium reserves the right to remove any information it deems inaccurate and to block the user account that posted such information.

The use of the Portal implies the creation of content that may be protected by copyright. By creating such content on the Portal, the User hands over the appropriate powers and permissions, in accordance with applicable laws, to Inspirium, so that Inspirium can use that content for display on the Portal.

Inspirium respects the intellectual property and copyrights of others, and will remove any content that is found not to have the appropriate rights.

The user is prohibited from posting content that he does not have the right to publish, and Inspirium will promptly remove all content that is found to have been illegally posted on the Portal.

The user is also prohibited from posting content that incites or expresses hatred towards any social group. Such content will be removed and the user account will be suspended.

Inspirium is not responsible for material damage that may arise from the removal of content from the Portal if the content is posted against the Terms of Use.

Protection of privacy and personal data

Inspirium is the manager of personal data processing on the Portal in accordance with applicable laws. The personal data protection officer is Stjepan Drmić ([email protected]).

For its work, the portal collects a certain set of data that are considered private in the context of applicable regulations, such as personal name, email address, telephone number, home address, etc. These data are used for communication with users, for establishing user identity, and for registration in club membership. The data will not be used for other purposes or forwarded to third parties without the user's prior consent.

Inspirium takes its obligations regarding the protection of personal data seriously, and implements active measures to protect them.

In addition to the direct collection of personal data, the Portal also uses Google Analytics to monitor visits and measure how the Portal is used. In doing so, the data is anonymized in order to reduce the amount of exposed personal data.

Due to the use of optimal server settings, occasional data transfer to third countries is possible. Inspirium does everything in its power to reduce the amount of data that goes outside the European Union.

Changes to the Terms of Use

The user has the right to request the deletion of his account at any time.

Inspirium reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, and will not be responsible for possible consequences resulting from these changes.