Case Study

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Tenis klub Zaprešić

Manager: Ivica Grizelj
City: Zapresic, Croatia
Total members: 800-1000
Total courts: 9

In this case study, we will be looking at the challenges faced by Zapresic sport club, a medium-sized club with 5 courts and approximately 500 members. The club had been relying on phone reservations and manual tracking of memberships, which led to problems such as overlapped reservations and forgotten bookings.


The sport club in Zapresic needed a way to streamline court reservations and member management. Without an efficient system, they were spending a lot of time on the phone and dealing with frustrated members.


The sport club in Zapresic implemented the SportyPlus app to manage court reservations and member information. With the reservation module, they were able to easily book courts and eliminate overlapping appointments. The member management module allowed them to keep track of their members and their membership status.


The implementation of the SportyPlus app had a positive impact on Zapresic sport club within a week of use. The time saved on administrative tasks and the increased satisfaction of members have contributed to the clubs growth of 30% in the year since implementing SportyPlus. The club highly recommends SportyPlus to any other sport club looking to streamline their operations and provide a top-notch experience for their members.


The SportyPlus app was a successful solution for Zapresic sport club's challenges with reservation and membership management. The app's reservation module streamlined the booking process and the membership management module made it easier to track and manage member information. Overall, the implementation of the app led to increased efficiency, satisfaction, and growth for the club.

— Ivica Grizelj, manager, Tenis klub Zaprešić

"It has been a game-changer for our sport club. The ability to create different types of memberships and pricing options has allowed us to offer a variety of choices to our members. And the tournament and league management tools make it easy for us to organize competitive events at our club."

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